Concrete Finishing: Tips for Slabs

If you want your concrete surface to become smooth and durable, concrete finishing is the best thing to do. Concrete finishing helps the concrete in preventing chipping and setting the concrete correctly. Aside from that, concrete finishing adds another feature to your concrete. It can produce a non-slipping effect and some decorative properties.? 

With people who are experts in this field, your concrete finishing at home or work could be as amazing as you expected. It can make your property more attractive and lengthen your concrete`s lifespan. It is the best option if you want your floors, sidewalks, driveways, foundation, and many more to be more durable and strong.? 

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Concrete finishing is not as easy as you may think. You need to ensure your timing is right. Also, you need to ensure that your concrete is in good condition. In case your techniques and strategies used are improper, your slabs will be in trouble. Your slabs might be damaged, weak, and unpleasant to look at, especially when visitors are present. 

In concrete finishing, you need to prepare the tools needed for the job. You need to have a square shovel, screed, bull float, and steel trowel. Once you are ready with your tools and materials, you can now proceed to concrete finishing. Do you have any idea about the process and steps in concrete finishing? Well, if none, here are the steps for concrete finishing: 

  1. Using the square shovel, you need to spread the concrete. Along with the tool, pull and push the wet concrete into the place. 
  2. The second step includes the screed of the concrete. You need to deal with the excess concrete. You need to remove the concrete that is excessive and properly grades the concrete. With the help of a straight board or screed, everything will be easy.? 
  3. The third step includes the leveling of ridges, filling voids, and embedding the aggregate. You can do this with the help of a darby. If you do not have one, you can use a bull float. After that, you need to allow the water to disappear. 
  4. The fourth step includes the edging of the slabs. If you have observed that the bleed water is no longer found on your slabs, you can create edges on the perimeter. You do not have to worry about edging since you can use an edger to make your slabs look neat and clean. 
  5. The fifth step that you need to take is the grooving of joints. Grooving of joints will prevent cracks. You can do this with the help of grooving tools. 
  6. The sixth and last step includes a trowel or Fresno. During the sixth step, you need to trowel the step. However, if you want to add a decorative finish to your concrete, you can skip this step.