The Apple Vs Microsoft saga dates back in 1994 when Apple lost badly on the Graphical User Interface (GUI) case against Microsoft. Since then, the duo have been operating in throat-cutting competitions with smartphones and cloud business as their major tools of trade. Splendid management especially by Steve Ballmer, Bill Gates, Nadella and Cook saw the businesses taking to new peaks with Microsoft always tailgating behind Apple. Though trends have been placing Apple on top, recent studies indicates the future of Microsoft is also in safe hands. The two can be compared under the following grounds:


Apple is bigger, better, valuable firm with stabilized financial base that has been growing exponentially over the years. It is approximately twice the worth of Microsoft even with its skyrocketing long-term debt. Apple’s success resonates from the high charges from the premiums and the ever increasing demand for smartphones. But despite all these endowments, there has Apple has also recorded a massive recession in shares by 18.4% within a year. Microsoft shares on the other hand has increased by 26.5%.

Past Trends

Apple has always performed better compared to Microsoft. For instance, during this year’s fourth quarter, Apples revenue increased by 1.7% while Microsoft decline hit 2.9%. Apple realized a 7.2% in profits while Microsoft had to contend with a 1.3%. On the last 5 years Apple collected a 25.2% from revenue chiefly from the sale of smartphones. Microsoft on the other hand recorded a 6.7% increase in revenue over the same duration with income form PC sales forming the bulk of these revenue.

Performance Expectations

There is little anticipated from the firm especially by the analysts. For those with little expectations to beat this will always remain a choice. Apple on the other hand is limited to investors and those with bigger expectations. Microsoft beat quarterly revenue by 1.9% while Apple beat the quarterly target by 1.6% with a 0.9% deviation from the quarterly revenue expectations.

Future Winner

Statistics have shown the likelihood of Microsoft raking a 7.8% earnings and a 4% increase in revenue collection at the end of the year. Apple on the other hand is anticipated to cut its profit by 1.9% and loose revenue by 2.2%. The slight increase in revenue growth by 1.7% which is no way near to the 18% growth over the last year pinpoints the direction the Apple smartphone is headed.