Discovering that you have lost data without having backed it up is big mental distress. However, with the best data recovery software in 2018, you will be glad to get all your files and data back. Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery is the best software to install this year. Having it installed earlier enough is better since you avert the possibility of recovering overwritten data. Here are the best features about this software.

Getting Started

This software has a stellar interface design and has great power to recover your data. The most outstanding thing about the software is that it is super easy to use and remains effective. It has a spacious screen that enables to execute every command. You can decide whether to recover all data or certain type of data. You can also recover a lost disk partition especially when working with a drive that is physically failing. The menu presents clear options whether to recover from hard drives or flash drives.



Stellar Phoenix deep scan option provides the extension of a file but not its original name. You therefore need to rely on the preview screen to distinguish exactly what file you are looking for. The software supplies you with extra information that enables you to identify your file. Its rival programs don’t. It assigns an arbitrary file name and dimensions whenever it encounters a graphics file. After recovering your file select on individual files and select recover from the menu.



In a test carried out to test its efficiency, Stellar Phoenix was able to recover eleven files in ten seconds. On formatted USB flash drive, a deep scan took two minutes to recover eleven out of twelve files. The time estimates it displays for you are pessimistic thus don’t go by it. The software can also recover files from a solid-state drive SSD but not very well since it lacks Send-In recovery services like Ontrack and Prosoft.


Stellar Phoenix and Mac

Having a dual-platform should not worry you. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is well compatible with all OS. Both applications have a similar interface in windows and OS thus you don’t have to hassle learning a different interface. The software is very useful when recovering files, building and repairing directories under MacOs.



When starting to recover files, you may feel anxious and naive to carry the task. Stellar Phoenix has a fantastic lucid and uncluttered menu that relieves the stress and gives you confidence. It is a Multi-Award Winner with over two million downloads and a 30 Day Money back guarantee. Though its performance features can be matched up with Ontrack EasyRecovery, it is by far straightforward to use. Professionals and technicians can easily use Ontrack once they are familiar with its user interface. Once you have recovered your files, consider backing them up to avoid future havoc and distress.


Pros Cons and Bottom Line

The software is high-powered, easy, fast, and has an exceptionally user-friendly interface. It has in-app previews for recovered files. However, it recovers fewer files than Ontrack and is not advised for SSD computers. Lastly, if you have no technical knowledge or you are a beginner, this is the best software in 2018.