You captured those beautiful moments with the intention of keeping them for later reference. It may have been your honeymoon, a family vacation, or just photos that revolve around your interest. But somehow, you lost them all and are now wondering whether or not it is possible to recover them. And the good news is that you can recover all your lost photos regardless of whether you’re using Android, iOS or Symbian Operating Systems.

You see, all modern smart phones are equipped with at least one camera. The finer the pictures you can take from your phone’s camera, the more you’ll be tempted to take more photos. Then you might end up deleting them accidentally. If not, you might damage your external storage for some other reasons, and as a result, this may delete all your photos.

Is it possible to recover deleted pictures from your phone?

When you lose photos that were stored in the external memory. So far, there are two ways in which your phone saves photos. You can choose to use the internal storage or the external memory. If the photos were stored in the external memory, you could find a card reader and connect your external storage card to your computer (through a USB port). If you’re using Windows, then your card reader will appear as a drive letter in ‘My Computer’’.

At this point, you may use a card recovery software which scans the drive letters until your lost photos can be seen. Keep in mind that if you were using a MicroSD card at the time when your photos were lost, you would need a MicroSD card reader. If you don’t have one, you can purchase it at your local computer shop. They are cheap and useful.

When retrieving lost photos from your phone’s internal storage

Your phone can establish a connection with your computer using Bluetooth, a USB cable or some other connection. And when a drive letter happens to appear on your ‘’My Computer’’ and that drive belongs to your phone, this is great news because you can use a recovery application to scan and try to restore the lost pictures in your phone’s drive. On the other hand, if the drive letter associated with your phone’s internal storage can’t be seen in your PC, then it’s not possible to recover the lost photos as in the method described above.

Why your MicroSD card photos got lost in the first place

Any card recovery application can retrieve your lost photos due to a damaged, deleted, or formatted external storage card. Also, when you happen to take out your external storage card from your phone when switching it on or off, the card may get corrupted, and this basically means all files are corrupted and inaccessible.

Finally, if you want to increase your chances of recovering your lost photos, you should not add new photos into the damaged external storage card. Otherwise, this will overwrite the existing files, thus making it impossible to recover your lost photos.