What is computer forensics and data recovery? Do companies even specialize in fields like that? The answer is yes they do, companies like Md5 specialize in computer forensics and data recovery. Data recovery and forensics are specialties most often associated with law enforcement when they’re looking for evidence regarding a crime.

Md5 is a company that specializes in computer forensics. They have a state-of-the-art laboratory for imaging and handling all types of digital media. No matter what you need to have looked at, they can take care of it. They have custom scripts to improve service, consistency, and processing power, all of which are important especially when facing a deadline to get all of the evidence put together.

The company is headed by former government forensics experts. They have experience in Criminal and Civil suites. Their staff is security cleared and has experience with social media forensics. In addition to experience, they’re registered Expert Witness able to provide evidence of opinion as well as fact. No matter if you’re technical or not, Md5 provides reports that you can read.

When you need data recovered Md5 are the people for you. Using the top of the line equipment and procedures they can retrieve data from a wide variety of devices. When something happens to your information, their goal is to get it back in your hands in a secure and cost-effective manner.

When data recovery is often needed the information is still on the device, but the computer can’t read the device or the information on the device. In these cases, specialized machines can read the device and retrieve the data. The inability for a computer to read a hard drive or a USB drive happens for almost any reason. The hard drive stops spinning so the computer can’t read it, USB drives accidentally gets put through the washing machines. All of these things will cause a computer not to be able to read it.

Md5 is there to help if you need data recovered because life happens or if a crime has happened on your premises and you need the forensics abilities. They have experts on site to make sure you get the evidence you need. Their goal is to provide a cost effective and secure methods of getting that information to you. If you’re not technical, they’ll provide reports that are easy for the non-technical to read and understand.