Have you ever been working for days on end on a project that determines if you pass a class or not? Everything is going great, it is the best piece of work you have written in a long time. Then all of the sudden the computer crashes and you have not saved your work in hours. Many people think no matter what they do, their precious work they had just tediously worked on is lost forever. This is not the case always.

Media Recovery Services is usually a team of professionals that know the ins and outs of computers, software, and how everything comes together. This service can retrieve data that has been lost from various portable devices such as USB external hard drives, USB thumb drives, Floppy Disks, Optical Disks Flash Drives, DVD’s, Zip Disks, SD cards, and many more. The company provides a hotline for customers to call when an event like this occurs. All the data and work that was just lost may be able to be recovered in about 24 hours. The data team will work with each individual and learn what was the cause of the loss of data. They will also guide everyone through each and every step of the data recovery process. While the media and data is evaluated, a copy of it is created. The customer will then be contacted when the data team learns if the media is able to be retrieved. It must fit the guidelines of a specific format to make sure it is recovered correctly and will be able to be used again in the future. It is up to the customer which form of media that they prefer their copy to be on once it is returned to them. Most of the time it is provided back to the customer in the form of a DVD. However, most of the time the company can accommodate the needs of the customer and convert it into a form that is most accessible to the customer, such as a hard drive. Worst case scenario, it is always an option for the media to be sent online to the customer through a FTP Transfer. This always safe and easy download from the server immediately. In some instances, the company is unable to retrieve the media that was originally lost and sent to the company. In certain scenarios like this, there will be no charge for the initial evaluation and recovery attempt for the data.

These services have been shown to be a very effective method for retrieving lost data. This method of data recovery has shown recent success in the hopes of recovering data that was thought to have been lost forever. This shows a hopeful future for data recovery.