Losing data can be quite a headache for anyone. For this reason, it is essential to have a backup solution in place to prevent data loss. Nevertheless, a data loss disaster may still affect you sometimes despite having a backup solution. Here are some software solutions that can help you recover lost data from your PC.


Restoration is a recovery tool that is easy to use. It works by undeleting files that you may have accidentally deleted from your system or the recycle bin. This tool does not need you to perform any installations. It works on FAT and NTFS systems and on memory cards too.


Recuva is one of the most popular and powerful tools when it comes to data recovery. You can get it in two versions – paid and free with the latter having some limitations. It works by recovering lost files from hard drives, memory cards, discs, and external drives. Recuva is available on all Windows Versions from Windows XP.

Minitool Partition Recovery

This tool comes in handy when your data loss problem originates from accidentally deleting a partition, or there is a corruption of the header. In the case of accidental deletion, the data recovery process is pretty simple – you use the tool to scan the disk and get the required data. You can also scan a specific area of the disc without having to perform a full scan.


This tool is free as the name suggests. If you accidentally delete a file and empty the recycle bin FreeUndelete will recover it. It is also simple and quite easy to use.

PC Inspector

As the name suggests, this program does a thorough inspection of your system to help in recovering lost data. It works on all types of data. You can use it to restore any deletions and handle total volume loss.