Do you have a problem with how your computer performs? Do you possess a camera that does not give good quality images? Well, it is good to consider other options that are modern in the technology market of a camera or computers/laptops. If a technician were to advise on the performance issue, he/she would recommend the use of a solid-state drive. A solid-state drive is a device that stores information on solid-state flash memory. However, they do not have spinning parts like the hard drives. Solid state drive offers more reliability than the hard drive, and for this reason, it is used by organization or individuals who look upon it for quality performance and work output.

Solid state drives are used by military and other organizations that are sensitive because the information they hold is very integral and confidential. Therefore, they will need one that can offer higher levels of dependability. This drive is of good use to many fields. It delivers fast performance and does not have mechanical parts. Currently, the everyday use of solid state device is with laptops, cameras, and capacity mp3 players. This device is useful because of its excellent performance even after prolonged continuous use. The best part of a solid state is that it does not produce any noise, and are reliable than the hard drives in the computer. Also, it does not use a lot of power, for this reason, it will help improve the battery lifespan and ensure long working hours. Unlike in the recent years, solid-state drives are affordable due to stiff competition.

Adoption and development of SSD are triggered by the need for high input/output performance. It is efficient for both heavy read and random workloads because it has low random access and read access latency. The ability of the SSD to read data immediately and directly from a specific SSD cell location causes the low latency. It makes it an ideal reason for the device to be used by organizations/ individuals who need real-time or close to real-time information or retrieving data. Low latency ability makes it possible for SSDs to easily offload reads from massive databases, alleviate boot storms or to stage hot data locally for off-site storage such as hybrid cloud scenario.

Do solid-state drive still fail? Solid state drives can retain data even when the power is out. Its ability, however, depends on NAND this is a type of a flash memory that has the advantage of being non-volatile. There are different types NAND, and for this reason, solid state drive differs. Main types of NAND; Single Level Cell (SLC), Multi-Level Cell (MLC) And Triple Level Cell (TLC).Single Level Cell has fast write speeds, the power consumption is lower and has a higher program. It is mostly used to offer enterprise-grade solutions and is more expensive than the rest. Multi-level cell and Triple Level Cell suffer from the same cons in that they have lower write speed, lower Erase Cycle, and power consumption is high. Despite the weakness, they have higher storage density.

From the above paragraph, it is clear that Solid state drives also have disadvantages just like the hard drives. In-depth, the hype in the market concerning the solid state drive has also caused disappointment due to elevated expectations. These drives are excellent for average size files, but when working with extensive data or save large files, the speed is no longer fast. The other promise of improved battery life is in question because the screen, RAM, and the CPU are the ones that consume power. You are saving about 5% of battery life not much to bargain. Reliability is also debatable; it is wrong to believe that nothing wrong can happen to it. Well, there is a possibility that data gets corrupted due to malfunctioning of the controller. Solid state drive uses indexes and table just like others. The tables can get damaged. A power surge can undermine the controller; the board can be destroyed due to problems resulted from power or design flaws; the electromagnetic forces could cause data to disappear in a memory chip.

Solid State Drive is hard to repair, it is not assured that data can be retrieved due to the readability problem associated with multiple chips, this process can be so expensive, yet it is not a guarantee. It is evident that like the other hard drives, Solid-state drive is also not perfect. Market hype can be wrong in some situations. Therefore, the knowledge and consultation are essential before deciding to purchase one to avoid disappointment.