Technology is increasing at a rapid rate. This brings about many advantages for companies especially those in the IT field. One huge problem is missing data, it can cause a lot of issues when trying to access important files or when the dreaded auditors make their annual visit. Even though technology has introduced new ways to save, there is still valid reasons why many companies continue to backup through tape media.

1) Most users need to store data for long periods of time, this is an essential requirement. For this reason tape beats disc with no competition. Tape is designed simply for longer use, there is no fear of 5 years down the line all the files disappearing into a black hole. They will be available from the moment you clicked save. This can put all the fears to rest leaving you to focus on more important issues.

2) Affordability. Ask any random person on the street what is the deciding reason to buying a product, they will almost always answer affordability. With company budgets becoming stretched beyond capacity it’s important to make a few cutbacks and savings. Tape once again offers you the cheapest way to store the essential data. Average prices reals in at a very low $.01/GB, this has the potential to save you plenty for your finances. Disc’s are a lot pricier and carry more of a risk factor. This a worry you don’t need.

3) How do you feel about the planet and living a more Eco-Friendly existence? If you want to join the millions of other people who live Green then tape is your new best friend. Studies from frequent users so a dramatic reduction in energy use and overall costs. Your saving your pennies, and keeping it green. It’s also a way of showing your a company who cares about the environmental impact, this is a big plus.

4) Time and speed. Picture the scenario, there is an urgent company meeting at 9am and you have less than an hour to retrieve a ton of data. Thankfully the ever reliable tape option is ready to work at extremely fast speeds. In just a few seconds you could have access to the important pieces of information that is necessary on that vital meeting. No more waiting around for hours and scrolling through endless half forgotten files. This fast performance keeps your business running smoothly when you need it the most.

5) The big crash. This is a problem with modern technology, things overload, breakdown and eventually crash. You don’t have this fear with tape media. They also have zero chance of being hacked, now that is a security feature we would all pay big money for. Forget all you know about staying modern and keeping up with trends. Some times items from the past is essential to keeping your life in order. This is a long lasting cost effective resource that comes highly recommendable from the experts. As products continue to flood the marketplace remember this is a good option for long term use.